Berlin, I like you this artsy

Last week was a very good week. Ha! Look at how positive I am, still, I’d feel better if i’d get a wink of approval. It was fashion week in Berlin and the atmosphere was so different compared to all the NY fashion weeks I’ve lived through while in New York. It doesn’t matter if you’re interested or not, the media will shovel NYFW everywhere. You’re grocery shopping? There will be some sort of sponsored PR thing happening to remind you it’s fashion week. In Berlin, everything is more relaxed and hip – there, I said it. And I actually loved it. Soon after fashion week it was World Cup week, yes because I’m sure celebrations lasted a week. The overall feel of the city was just great, people were extremely nice and talkative and not just because of the disproportionate alcohol consumption. It was really good to be here. I met so many nice people I can’t keep count. I was also so excited to be interviewed for Best Wishes Magazine, a Berlin based magazined that collects stories of creatives and the inspiration they get from the city. The cherry on the top was #REGENERATE14 an event curated by the Lab magazine and Generator Hostels Berlin. The idea behind it was to challenge a set of artists and musicians to create a one-of-a-kind interactive experience considering the concept of ‘shared spaces’ – how we live and work alongside each other. Franck Itow, in the picture above, was painting whilst the event was happening. (more photos on instagram) I am sure it sucked for him, but for me, it was pretty amazing. Now I can say that I’d seriously love to have more weeks like this one, most definitely.

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