berlin : lakes and thoughts

I didn’t realize Berlin was famous for its beautiful lakes until I got here, I mean, you can see from the maps that there’s tons of lakes here but hey, I thought they’d be like those lakes just beautiful to look at and that’s all. Nope, I was wrong. Lakes here have a reputation to maintain. They are THE weekend destination. A couple of days ago, some friends took us to this beauty, just 20 minutes outside of the city, and oh boy, it was nice! We went on a sunday late evening and despite being crowded you could still lay your picnic mat down and dip in for a swim. I didn’t  go in because, well, I don’t have a swim suit – ladies, on this matter, where does one who doesn’t buy bathing suits buy one? Back to the topic. The ones who enjoyed the swim report it as very enjoyable and I believe them! Now, coming from New York where, if you are a dog owner, you already know that you can’t bring your beloved pet along in adventures like this except for parks, Berlin – it’s a dog’s paradise. For the people obsessed with sanitation, I recommend turning your face on the other side. Why, you ask? Because the lake was full of happy dogs, playing on the sand and swimming with their owners. Me? I can’t wait to bring Andy along. Another thing I realized Berlin was famous for, more precisely Germany, it’s the nudity factor. Uh huh. People are very comfortable being naked around strangers. I am sure I’m not the first person to reveal this. After a swim in the lake you’ll see them removing their wet bathing suit, well, naked and unconcerned. That wasn’t our first naked sightseeing experience, I must say, but I’m still a little perplexed when I’m in shameless nudity proximity. Well, who knows perhaps I’ll adventure the naked german habits too. No, not really.

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