Paris – Fondation Louis Vuitton

Just came back from Paris yesterday evening. Spent there the whole week, walked a lot, went from museums to coffee shops without keeping track of time. It was wonderful. Haven’t taken a holiday in six years, you heard me, six years, so you can imagine how this felt like. Let me try to describe it: if felt like I was re-born. Before you’ll start picturing how horrible my life must be if I wasn’t able to take a holiday in so long, I’ll ruin your speculations – it’s not horrible, it’s quite the opposite. Let’s stop here.
Now, back to the topic of Paris, these images are from the Foundation Louis Vuitton, centre of contemporary arts in Paris. It was designed by architect Frank Gehry and let me tell you, book your tickets online and go. Just go for it. It’s a great place to be, not just because it’s an amazing architectural playground.


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