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That’s it, enough with this

Lately I’ve felt overwhelmed by the lack of interesting content out there (on the web) – and I hope I’m not the only one feeling this way. On Instagram the content screams perfection, there is very little space for honesty and, let’s be real for a minute, even less space for reality. Sure, it’s a visual medium, we can scroll through our feeds without having to read any of the unthought captions below whilst waiting on line at the grocery store or stuck in traffic, wait -we have Snapchat for that- still, the ones who have things to say get lost in the sea of perfectly lid dishes and polished coffee shot setups. It’s infuriating when I read (I must be part of the 1% still spending time reading captions) that a dog has died and there’s tons of smiley and thumbs up emojis. We’re all fighting against these algorithms (and robots), I hear ya.

Pinterest, well, what’s there to say. It’s the representation of the general lack of interesting and original content currently produced. And it’s a sad truth. The design season is upon us, we’ll soon swap our Earl Greys for Martinis topped with sharp networking chitchats. There will be very little room for real excitement because, well, because everybody is playing it safe. Design studios, brands, magazines, blogs, instagrammers, influencers – you name it.

I’m sure this applies to all fields, not only in interiors, if I were to turn my head onto youtube, chances are that I’ll find girls in their twenties posting about body confidence, make up, and fashion with an occasional diy or worse, the top-tip posts. 3-5-10 tips on how to style a credenza. Not even my sarcasms can comment on that.

Well, not sure where I’m going to go with this post (rant) if not to express that I’m not ok with this. The extended lack of energy and willingness to step outside the safety nets we create for ourselves is weighting on me real bad, so much that I want to make a positive change for myself. Excited to see where it leads.

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